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I’m officially turning into a pirate. My last hundred few outfit posts have included a crumpled white shirt and velvet galore which I feel that speaks directly from my pirate alter-ego. This all might be because Coen and I have sunk right into the newest season of Black Sails. Do any of you watch it? I did a Goth-spiration post on it a million years ago.

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Oh, and I don’t suppose any of you noticed my new blog layout? I’m supremely happy with it. Thank you to the people who have already noticed and let me know that they like it! Unfortunately it’s not all my handy work – most it’s straight from this beautiful template called Wilder Creative.

Oh, oh, oh! I forgot to mention the beautiful pieces from Bad Vibes that I’m rocking. The shorts are more than just pretty in picture form. They’re an amazing vegan leather that’s super stiff and hard wearing. Let me know what you think!

I’m wearing a white button up from Missguided, velvet crop top and vegan leather shorts by Bad Vibes, socks from Target, and the shoes are Shoe Cult the resident brand at Nasty Gal. Oh and the lipsticks is Cinamon Spice by Wet N Wild.



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The last month was an interesting Instagram month. I’ve started collecting Oddities again – my first piece of Taxidermy arrived and I’ve realised how much I adore teeth. Oh and I celebrated the full moon with some beautiful orange flowers!

I feel as though my Instagram feed is just a long list of the cool things I buy. That’s because I don’t take my phone or my camera when I leave the house! I don’t think you guys would be interested in me digging through the supermarket freezers for lentil burgers or going to the same coffee place I visit literally every week (they know my order by heart!).

How has your month been? I’m super glad January is over!


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Getting these shoes in the mail was a great way to start my weekend, on one of those weeks that you aren’t quite sure if you’re ever going to make it to the end. I feel like it doesn’t matter how much medicine I’m forced to coerce my cat into taking she’s never going to get any healthier.

Fashion and style has always been a hobby that I gladly thrust myself into when I’m having a hard time. Although some of my outfits have (to put it bluntly) really sucked, it’s calming to sit and watch X-files videos for hours while I hand sew something or try out a new trick with my nails. In this outfit I was trying out Stella Rose’s heart nail tutorial in my own kind of style. What do you think?

What do you do when to cheer yourself up when you’re having a hard time?

I’m wearing: a white blouse from Kmart, velvet shorts from Asos, socks from Gypsy Warrior, boots from Go Jane, and the ring was an extra with an oddity I received on Etsy.


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This velvet garter skirt by Widow has been on my radar for ages. I was reluctant to actually buy it though because I’ve had trouble with such tight fitting body-con skirts before. You really can see everything under body-con skirts. But I’m surprised with how well the texture of the velvet works at disguising anything underneath.

Plus! I was shocked when I found out these garters were far higher quality than they appear! I prefer the vintage style plastic hook and eye style, to the metal clasps that tear at your clothing rather than pull it taught. These are a nice medium; the metal clasp hides a cool little plastic clip that looks like two pieces of Lego that hold the fabric of your socks between them. I should have taken a picture, whoops! Does anyone know what I mean?

I’m wearing: a denim vest by Boohoo, cropped white blouse by Missguided, the pretty little velvet garter skirt by Widow via Dollskill, thigh-highs from Asos and shoes from Free People.


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I am not a party animal – who’d a thunk it? Instead I spend my nights organising cute outfits, searching for bones on the internet and going to the movies. But this shirt – it actually reads “Give Yourself to the Night” – reminded me of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, something I love but is sorely missing from my wardrobe. It took several weeks and rerouting for this little guy to get to me but I pasted the time singing along to Rocky Horror anyway.

Is anyone else out there a home body? Sometimes I feel a little left out in a culture that glorifies partying and drinking. Let me know if you are! I’d love the company.

I’m wearing: Bone earrings from Etsy, cardigan from Voodoo Vixen, singlet from Iron Fist, Skirt from Missguided, socks from target and boots from River Island via ASOS.


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When I started putting together this outfit, I had no idea it was going to turn out like this! Originally this was supposed to be menswear inspiration but I think it ended up looking more Victorian inspired crossed with an anime character kind of look.

Some details from this outfit: I had to iron this blouse with my hair straightener because it ended up crinkled in a pile of wet clothes – I’m so glamorous! My hair is finally starting to grow out. You can see my natural colour now! Oh and I bought a new lens! You might have seen me playing with it on Instagram. It improves my photos by at least 100%!

Anyway, what do you think? Do you think this outfit is more Victorian or anime character like? Or something different altogether. Let me know!

I’m wearing: Lipstick is Cinnamon Spice by Wet ‘n’ Wild, Missguided blouse, Thrifted waistcoat, Kmart belt, Missguided swing dress, Asos bow-tie, Asos thigh-highs and River Island boots via Asos.


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Cardigan: Iron Fist | Blouse: Kmart | Bow Tie: Asos | Shorts: Nastygal | Shoes: Free People

When I first fell in love with this Iron Fist leopard cardigan but the spell was soon broken when I found out it was on the higher end of eighty dollars – a-ha, no way. Leopard is a print I love but let’s get real, it’s not something I would be able to wear every day of the week. Especially since I already have the same print on my favourite pair of shorts.

But soon after  I found it totally discounted in the never-ending Black Friday sale on Rebel Circus. Fun fact, I actually write for their blog. You should check it out! I put a lot of hard work into writing alternative fashion and music posts on there, and get the chance to interview some really amazing models and bands (ahem, my forever babybat crush on Joy Disaster that you’ve no doubt heard me swoon about on this blog before).

 Oh, and I finally snatched up one of those Asos bow ties I was frothing over in a previous outfit post. I feel like it adds a bit of a queer comedian vibe to this outfit. Does anyone else get that? Probably not!

Did you find anything awesome in the recent sales?


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 photo IMG_1839_zps149e22a6.jpg photo IMG_1818_zps10fce5b9.jpg photo IMG_1854_zps8fac6d73.jpg photo IMG_1845_zps21eedb68.jpg photo IMG_1824_zps2255a7cf.jpg

Hat: Asos | Shirt: Ebay | Skirt: Oasap.com | Socks: Gypsy Warrior
Belt: Kmart | Shoes: Asos | Neckless: EmelyRoseBoutique

Guess who got new bones in the mail today? Meee! I’ve wanted a vertebrae neckless for so long, and finally it’s mine! I’m not too thrilled about the metal. But after trying hard to find bone jewellery on sterling or at least stainless steal I’m starting to think it’s impossible. The bad thing about cheaper quality metal is that it can start turning the bones green just as your finger would!

Oh, and I painted my next set of stiletto nails a pinky nude. I’ve always found something wonderfully creepy about skin coloured nails. It’s as if they’re an extension of your finger tips. There will be a stiletto tutorial eventually, but I want to perfect the technique before I set any information in stone.

Anyway, I’m off to melt in the impending heat. I’m even trying to survive by rocking a hat! I’ll need to get some lace and layer it over like Lydia Deetz in Beetlejuice. Only then will I survive the summer in style, am I right?


While reading through lots of 2014 outfit post roundups it got me thinking. Particularly after looking through Faiiint’s roundup and finding such a seamless sense of style through all of her pictures I started to wonder what ties my own outfits together. I’m so quick to change my mind on outfits and I can’t keep a favourite piece of clothing for more than five minutes. Well, here goes, what do you think my style of 2014 says?

 photo 2014OUTFITS_zps0fb4d217.jpg

(123) (456) (789)


Layered like a boss.
Realised red was my hair colour.
Barely let it grow past my shoulders – whoops! I was supposed to be growing it out.
Played with different lengths!
Accentuated my waist (like usual).
Never took off my thigh-highs
Bought all the red velvet in the world (that might be a slight exaggeration).
Wore button ups until I never wanted to see another again.

Well, you’ve seen my favourite outfits, what were yours? Oh, and what would your own roundup say about you?


Every year I sit down and I write my resolutions and I add another “New” to the title. It started with a little New Year, New Hair, New Years Outfit post (look at that photography), become the dreadfully spelt New New Years Goals (unfortunately the gorgeous cat in this post past a few months ago) and last year it became my New New New Years Goals. This year, well, this year is all about magic.

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Start my own cabinet of curiosities. This one is going to take some hard thinking. The reason I didn’t collect more spooky curiosities this year is because Coen absolutely hates them and gives me a pretty hard time when I get excited about collecting something new. But if Coen can collect bundles of Lego and store it all over our small space, I need some room myself. Is a Cabinet so much to ask for?

Keep a regular pamper routine. What I mean by this is to take a few minutes to paint my nails once a month, and to pluck my brows into the shape I prefer. When I get lazy and start letting myself get sloppy, I end up loosing my confidence.

Perform New Moon rituals. Don’t get the wrong idea, I am not a spiritual person. I just want to take some time once a month to breath and reset my mental clock, you know? Have a glass of red wine, eat some blueberries and respect the earth for how incredible it really is!

Finish redecorating my room. I spoke a bit about this in this Curiousity wishlist and hopefully I will continue to make little plans throughout the year. In that case I won’t start rambling about it now. 

Write more blog posts in which I explore topics myself, rather than just reiterating the same pieces of knowledge I already have! I recently wrote a How To on White Sage burning. The post was written because it was something I found really interesting and in the process I learned more about you guys! So many of you already burn sage and can certainly teach me a thing or two.

When I first started this blog is was a place I could make overly detailed plans of my dream wardrobe write about topics as I learned about them myself. This year I aim to learn more and recite less.

Overall, I want 2015 to be the year that I bring real magic back into my life. I want to focus on the things that bring me joy! It’s going to be tough, but if I don’t stop to take notice of the beautiful things around me, it’s going to be a lot harder than I could imagine.